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Photoelectric Proximity Sensor (GTB10-P42)

Photoelectric Proximity Sensor (GTB10-P42)

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 Features / Technical details

Sensor / detection principle Photoelectric proximity sensor, Background suppression
Dimensions (W x H x D) 20 mm x 50 mm x 39 mm
Sensing range max. 20 mm ... 950 mm 1)
Type of light Visible red light
Light source PinPoint LED 2)
Light spot size (distance) Ø 8 mm (700 mm)
Wave length 625 nm
Adjustment Potentiometer, 5 turns
1) Object with 90 % reflectance (referred to standard white, DIN 5033).
2) Average service life: 100,000 h at TU = +25 °C.



GTB10-P42 Datasheet