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Plug&Log - Realtime Manufacturing Overview

Plug&Log Stop&Log box

Plug&Log is a secure and affordable solution that collects and transforms manufacturing data into valuable knowledge - Anywhere, Anytime

Why choose Plug&Log?

Plug&Log - in all its simplicity - allows any company to digitalize and support their gut feeling.

This solution is a secure, easy and affordable way to start logging and tracking data from assembly lines, storage facilities, temperature sensors and more. Plug&Log can also send alarms directly to your phone and automated reports for the morning meetings.

Plug&Log Stop&Log collect store and visualize

Example of use

Plug&Log is beneficial if you are a company who wants to start digitalizing and therefore developing tracking needs. In this case, you might only want to start by monitoring production cycles or number of units produced. Or maybe you want to start tracking temperatures and humidities in a storage facility? In any case, our Plug&Log solution is very scalable to fit your pace and needs. 

The following image is from our test channel and illustrates Plug&Log as it monitors a production unit. As you can see, you can gain access to key information and be able to register and identify stops in production.

Plug & Log Interface


 With Plug&Log we help you throughout the entire process from collecting to visualizing data.

What you get:

Easy access to data (with login)

Simple and user friendly overviews

Automatic error registrations on machines

Help and support from A to Z

Customizable platform (brand, color and setup)

Continuous development of platform and features

All this for the possibly lowest prices out there


How to install Plug & Log

Step 1:

Plug in sensor

Step 2:

Power on

Step 3:

Sign In and start optimizing


Pricing and more

 If you are interested in learning more about the pricing for the Plug & Log solution, please go to our webshop, where we have a few examples that might work for you! You can also send us your questions and inquiries with the contact form or directly to our emails, which you can find here.


What to do now?

Go to the front page and sign up to one of our test channels - it's quick, easy and free - and you get first-hand examples of how our platform can work for you. 
Then, contact us via, our live chat or the contact form.

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