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Plug 'n' Log - The Easy Way to Digitalization

Does your company want to optimize productivity, but have trouble getting started? Our new Plug 'n' Log solution makes it easy for you to get started - no hassle and no need for advanced IT skills!

Why choose Plug 'n' Log?

The Plug 'n' Log - in all its simplicity - allows any company to digitalize and modernize their decision making.


This solution is just an easy and cheap way to start logging and tracking data from production lines, industrial freezers and storage facilities. Whether you want to visualize temperatures, humidities, production values or otherwise, our new Plug 'n' Log solution is right for you and your company!

This following illustration shows the Plug 'n' Log box - ready to connect: Plug N Log Box

Example of use

This solution is especially beneficial if you are a company or division with small tracking needs. E.g. if you are only interested in tracking the temperature and humidity of one storage facility OR if you have one machine on which you need to track performance data. The Plug 'n' Log will be able to collect and visualize all data from your machines and equipment.


What you get:

Easy access to data (with login)

Simple and user friendly overviews 

Help and support from A to Z

Customizable platform (brand, color and setup)

Continuous development of platform and features

All this for the possibly lowest prices out there!

We can help you throughout the entire process from collecting to visualizing data, as we have the knowhow and experience in both industrial environments and software.

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What to do now?

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