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Partner Solutions partner program

Become a partner with, a fast-moving startup company. At we continuously work to develop a platform that will help companies explore the benefits of IIoT and Industry 4.0.  


There are two ways to partner with

Value Added Reseller

Offer the platform to end-users while offering your own expertise within automation, digitalization, installation and/or technical support. Whether, you are in the digitalization / automation business or you are an independent agent with a powerful network, you can be a part of the partner program.  

You will be in charge of support, customer billing and maintenance. All necessary training will be provided to secure the best possible foundation for you as a reseller.  

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Offer the platform as an integrated part of your product or service. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to White Label the platform to completely integrate the platform and sell it as part of your brand. 

You will be in charge of the entire process of attaining and setting up new customers, billing and support. All necessary training and guides will be provided to ensure that the best possible presets are set. 

The platform can be utilized in a variety of situations, so if you have a great idea about new ways to utilize - feel free to contact us!

As a distributor you get:

Access to a powerful datalization tool. 

Presented at

Training in setup and support with follow-ups.

Marketing materials. 


Our partners


Lund & Sørensen A/S
Maserativej 4
7100 Vejle

Contact sales team
Tel. +45 75 85 78 22
Fax +45 75 85 75 35

CS Electric
Lillebæltsvej 6
6715 Esbjerg N

Contact Brian Staub Jensen
Tel. +45 75 13 45 09
Fax +45 75 13 73 89



Contact Monica Haltvik
Tel. +47 452 66 121



Looking for new partners

Type Location/Area Industry
Reseller Zealand e.g. Automation
Reseller Funen/Southern Denmark e.g. Automation
Reseller Germany e.g. Automation

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or just hearing more about the opportunity feel free to contact us. With a bit more information about you and your company, we will be able to offer you a very beneficial partnership.