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Instant overview of production and consumption helps production companies - big and small - gain full insight into their daily production. Using a secure data collection method and our user-friendly cloud-based platform we collect and visualize all important data, e.g. about production numbers and up- and downtime, that can optimize efficiency.

Utilize your data - anytime, anywhere


Our solution is universal and can collect and visualize data from almost anywhere, whether it is from machines, sensors, robots, industrial freezers or consumption data, and we are continuously working on the development of the platform and the expansion of its capabilities - the possibilities are seemingly endless. And we provide all kinds of solutions, from single sensors to several factory locations - whatever fits your needs, we can provide.

The team that surrounds the solution consists of passionate individuals with competencies in everything from the technological aspects of the platform to sales and support - and we work in close cooperation with our valued partners - both resellers and White Labellers.


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We believe in providing simplified solutions to complex problems


The team
Lars Märcher Sandig Sebastian Märcher Sandig
CEO & Product Development Sales & Marketing
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