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Visualizing a Hole-In-One Machine from Schneider Electric in 20 mins.

At the hi tech and industry conference 2017 we showcased the platform in cooperation with reseller Lund & Sørensen. at hi tech 2017

Lund & Sørensen has a close partnership with electronics and automation specialists Schneider Electric. Therefore we we're given the opportunity to install and use one of their machines made especially for events and conferences. Our resellers chose the "Hole-In-One"-model, which is a machine that is programmed to throw and simultaneously catch golfballs using a Schneider PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). The machine can be viewed in the following video from the conference.

This presented an opportunity for us at, as our platform has been previously collecting and visualizing data from other Schneider PLCs. In a matter of about 20 minutes we had connected our Data Forwarder to the PLC and were collecting and sending data to our platform using a 4G Network Router. The results can be viewed in the following video, as our trendboard can be seen in the background. The trendboard displayed historical and live data about the amount of thrown golfballs, power usage and energy consumption. The trendboard can also be viewed at the top of the blog.

This blog has been written to showcase the potential of our platform and how easy it is to visualize data from various PLCs using our simple and intuitive setup. The colors, themes, logos and general setup can be adjusted and customized to fit your unique needs. 


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