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UPDATE on the web app!

At we help companies digitize information which in turn will keep them updated with the most important production, consumption and environment information through the web app. The web app is an essential feature and provides maximum flexibility and control and can be accessed from both smartphones, tablets, info screens and computers.

We are therefore happy to announce that the web app has been updated with exciting new features and improved user interface to make the user experience even better.

Here are some of the new features:

1. New and improved trendboard layout.

The creation of a trendboard has become much easier and intuitive. Each trendview is placed in a grid and the position and size can be adjusted on each trendview. The trendboard layout is responsive so when you look at it on a phone or a tablet, it will adjust itself to the display size.

Here are two examples of a trendboard layout - click images for a closer look:

All trendboards can also be embedded into other web pages or information screens and they also have a unique QR code to gain fast access from a tablet or phone with a QR reader/scanner.

2. Easy navigation between the trendboards.

In most cases, one trendboard alone will not be enough. For example, if you are monitoring several production lines or different aspects of those production lines (power, gas, water, etc.) you will need a number of trendboards. To view the different trendboards, choose the trendboards list and then select the trendboard from the list that you want. Alternatively you can use the new navigation arrows that pop up when you move the mouse close to the edge of the trendboard. One click brings you to the next or the previous trendboard.


3. New visual widgets to create trendviews.

We have added new widgets to the toolbox that can be used to create astonishing and informative trendviews. As an example, take this widget that can be used to to show the current value of the temperature, humidity or speed of a specific production line.



These trendviews can be either shown on the trendboard or directly embedded into web pages as demonstrated here:

You can now create a QR code with the link information from the trendview. By reading the QR code with a smartphone, you can watch the value directly on your device. One way to use this feature is to stick the QR code next to or onto the machine / device that is being monitored. This way the operator can gain direct access to the information (current speed, temperature etc.).

4. Create a comment on the trendview.

Sometimes it is necessary to comment on a situation / a value that is shown on a chart. E.g. if the temperature was too high because the door to the fridge was open for too long. This comment can be made directly on the chart by clicking on the point and making a comment. The comment is represented by a green "t" on the chart and will also appear on the printed report or in an exported data file.




5. Live update of trendview

Another cool feature is that it is now possible to set up a trendview to show the current (live) value of a data feed in real time. This value is pushed directly from the Data Forwarder to the web app as shown in the images below.


6. Alarm

In case the temperature of a cooler, freezer or a storage is being monitored and logged, an alarm can be setup to notify, if the value becomes too high or too low. This notification will pop up in the web app.

It can also be sent as an e-mail or to a list of people in order to raise immediate awareness. A list of the alarms shows the current and "old" alarms.


and more...

These are just some of the many new features that we had added to the web app. We hope that you will enjoy them as we do and give us feedback if you are already on as a "trendlogger".

If you want more information regarding the new features or just want to know more about the solution, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.


We encourage you to sign up to our platform as you can get a closer look at some examples of the way we visualize data from various places and units. You can sign up on the front page and it's completely FREE! 


- The team