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Taking A Look At The Year Of 2017


Today we're looking back at the year of 2017 for 2017 was the year where we established as an upcoming and interesting solution to the digitalization of industrial environments. The platform became a tool used to collect, store and visualize industrial data in many different situations and for many different purposes.

During the last year we made new connections, attended meetings, experienced awesome events and conferences. This article highlights a few of our experiences throughout the year of 2017.

Automation Day '17

Automation Day '17 at Egatec A/S was our first real test and showcasing of as a data collection and visualization tool for industrial companies. The event lasted 5 hours and had a record-breaking attendance of over 700 people from different companies, industries, schools etc. We received a lot of interesting feedback and made many new connections. The event even sparked interest from a few companies that led to current customers and larger projects for Among the new connections we made, were the Chinese division of the Foreign Ministry of Denmark, who had some interest in from their delegation of Chinese companies. Seen below is a picture from our booth at Automation Day hosted by Egatec - we're looking forward to rejoining the event in 2018! Automation Day 17


HI Industry Expo

Another great experience from our 2017 was the HI Industry Expo in Herning in the beginning of October. We were given the opportunity to showcase in cooperation with newly signed resellers Lund & Sørensen A/S. They had an exclusive spot among many other large companies attending the Expo. The Expo gave us a chance to cooperate directly with our resellers and showcase our tool LIVE in direct access with some of the hardware that we collect and visualize data from. We received new-found interest in and successfully forged closer bonds with our resellers. In our blog "Visualizing a Hole-In-One Machine" you can read more about our LIVE showcase from the Expo. Click the image below if you want to open the article in another tab. and Lund og Sørensen at HI Industry Expo

Electronics of Tomorrow

The newly founded Electronics of Tomorrow was yet another chance to showcase our collection and visualization concept. This time we were granted a Startup Booth and were placed side-by-side with other exciting Startups within the field of Industrial Technology. We made new acquaintances and connections during the three days in Herning, and we were once again confirmed in our potential as a growing data collection and visualization tool for industrial companies. During the Tech Expo we also entered into a Startup Pitching Contest, which you can read more about in the News and Events article " at Electronics of Tomorrow". In this article you will also find a few pictures from our time in Herning. Click the image below if you want to open the article in another tab. Electronics of Tomorrow 2017

Looking Towards 2018

With this RECAP of a few of the highlights from our 2017, we are excited to say that we're looking forward to a new 2018 and making new acquaintances, attending more exciting events and further developing towards our goals and vision - becoming the global standard for Cloud-based collection and visualization of industrial data.


The team wishes all of our customers, resellers, partners and acquaintances a Happy New Year!


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