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NEWS - at Electronics of Tomorrow

A recap from EoT 2017

We're back from the Electronics of Tomorrow Expo where we had been granted a Startup Booth and an opportunity to showcase our data visualization tool.

The newly founded Expo brought us many experiences and new connections - most importantly, it gave us a chance to test our progress in developing marketing material and sales pitches. sales pitch

During our time in Herning, Electronic Supply - an online tech magazine - wrote an article from the Electronics of Tomorrow, in which we were so lucky to gain a bit of interest from the reporter. You can read the excerpt following this link:

One of the highlights from our Expo was the Startup Pitching Contest. 11 of the Startup companies that had been granted a Booth at the Electronics of Tomorrow, were given a chance to stand in front of a board of appointed "judges" from different companies attending the Expo. We then had 3 minutes to pitch our product and business model - a setup similar to the very popular and modern "Elevator Pitch" and an effective way to test your ability to be short and clear when it comes to defining your company. pitching contest

All in all, the Electronics of Tomorrow 2017 was a great success for and we will be happy to return in the Spring of 2019.