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The Big Picture

The challenge

Managing a company requires having a clear overview of relevant information. This information comes from parameters that might include data from the production, such as temperature and humidity on the production floor, number of units produced, up- and downtimes etc. Other parameters might be OEE, amount of waste water and the general consumption of water, gas and electricity.

The solution

Get a complete overview of KPI’s and stay on top of your business. Monitor the output of production lines, the working environment (temperature, humidity etc.) and daily consumption of water, electricity etc.
The user-friendly web app visualizes data trends and generates automatic reports showing all relevant information. Get notified immediately about any drastic changes to your KPI’s or errors and receive a daily or weekly report summarizing the latest progress.


We encourage you to sign up to our platform as you can get a closer look at some examples of the way we visualize data from various places and units. You can sign up on the front page and it's completely FREE!

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