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Quality Control

The challenge

Documenting the effect of a product or the quality of production requires a reliable source. Quality control is often done manually and the results are written in hand or typed on a computer manually, which involves a risk of human error. Moreover, this process is time-consuming and requires constant supervision.

The solution

With the platform you can constantly monitor the effect of a product or process. Our user-friendly web app makes it easy to document the results either internally or directly to the end-users. The trendboards can be set up to visualize the specific parameters relevant to each product or process. For tangible documentation, you can set up and print reports, showing the specific parameters relevant to the situation.


We encourage you to sign up to our platform as you can get a closer look at some examples of the way we visualize data from various places and units. You can sign up on the front page and it's completely FREE!

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