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Production & Manufacturing

The challenge

Managing production lines and monitoring manufacturing is often done manually which can be time consuming and prone to human errors. If an error occurs during production and is not immediately discovered or the production for some reason slows down, it might not be possible to make up for lost time. Crucial information about production status and progress might get lost or misinterpreted in communicating.

The solution

The platform helps digitalize production lines to get the right information from the floor to the management office. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to track every production line in real-time, monitor up- and downtimes, errors, number of units produced etc. and receive notifications, if the production is interrupted or not meeting specified values. Receive daily or weekly reports summarizing the latest production numbers and constantly stay on top of the production output.

Possible Setup

Case 1 Case 2
Frame 5 production lines 30 production lines
Data 4 data points per production line 3 data points per production line
Time Every 15 minutes 24/7/365 Every 15 minutes, 24/7/365
Solution Basic Large


We encourage you to sign up to our platform as you can get a closer look at some examples of the way we visualize data from various places and units. You can sign up on the front page and it's completely FREE!

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