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Does your company need a platform that can assemble all essential data from your machines and equipment both for internal and external use? Then we have the right solution for you! 

Why White Label our Platform?

Whether you are a manufacturing company, a welding company or you are trying to convince potential customers to buy your solutions - you need to measure and prove the performance, quality and effect of your product.

We provide a solution that will allow you and your company to collect, store and visualize data essential to you and the customer from a platform that is completely customized to your brand - that includes logo, colors, theme and general setup.

Example of a White Labelled web interface for Narixa:

White Labelled platform

The colors and setup can be customized completely to fit your needs and depending on the overviews you wish to share with customers and partners.

With the White Label solution you can also integrate a "Sign In" button from your own website to direct your customers and partners towards a simple overview of your collected data - whether it's from production lines, measuring equipment or otherwise.

Here are a few examples from our White Labellers of how that might look: White White Label 

This page can also be adjusted to fit the needs of your company or customers and, as mentioned, can be easily integrated into your own website. This makes our White Labelled platform perfect for reselling as part of your own product - e.g. to track and monitor performance, quality or effect of your product with customers.

What you get:

Simple and user friendly overviews 

Easy access to data (with login)

Customizable platform (brand, color and setup)

Continuous development of platform and features

Excellent service and support

Wholesome and economically beneficial solution

Selling data tracking as part of your own product

We can help you throughout the entire process from collecting to visualizing data, as we have the knowhow and experience in both industrial environments and software.


What to do now?

Go to the front page and sign up to one of our test channels - it's quick and easy - and you get first-hand examples of how our platform can work for you. 

Then, contact us via or the contact form on this website.

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