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Bring IoT into your company

Monitor KPI's and track data in the cloud. 

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Instant overview of production and consumption


The Data Forwarder collects data from various inputs and forwards it via an encrypted connection to the cloud. 


The cloud stores the data and (through an API-key) gives you direct access - anytime, anywhere. 


The web-app visualizes the collected data on Trendboards that can be easily customized to fit your every need.


Quality Control

Embed Trendviews

Your Trendboards feature Trendviews (e.g. graphs or tables) that show the collected data. These Trendviews can be easily embedded into webpages (just like you know it from YouTube etc.)

The Trendviews will be continuously updated when new data is collected.

This example shows the power consumption of a production site which is updated every hour.


The platform offers plenty of features to help you monitor and control KPI's. 

Automated Reports keeps you up to date by generating automated reports in specificed intervals (e.g. each morning, week etc.). The reports can be edited using code to show exactly the information that you need in order to document the quality of your production. 

Alarm Notifications

Constantly stay on top of the data streams that you are monitoring. The Trendviews give you a clear overview of both the current and previously collected data. Setup the platform to notify you whenever data points exceed specified values.   


Read about how is implemented in different industries. 

Monitoring Freezers

Mette Munk A/S is using the platform to completely track and monitor the temperature of the freezers in which the baked goods are stored. 

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Track Production Line

Dykon A/S monitors the production of each manufacturing line and the humidity and temperature of the plant to ensure the highest quality of their products.

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Document Efficiency

Exodraft A/S utilizes the platform to document the potential outcome for their customers when using their product (heat recovery). 

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The right solution for your company.

The Platform is a very flexible system and can be customized to match the needs of your company. 

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Optimize production efficiency

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